Orchestron integrates with an array of popular product engineering and security scanning platforms to provide a singular view to identify and manage security vulnerabilities.



  • Hours of effort in manual consolidation of scanned results
  • Managing massive scan reports from every tool
  • Validating security flaws that have a high probability of False Positives
  • Running hours of dynamic, run-time scans on certain applications, with little to no results
  • Vulnerabilities regressing from one version to another across releases
Orchestron provides built-in integrations to commonly used commercial* and open-source Static/Dynamic Analysis (SAST/DAST) and Source Composition Analysis (SCA) tools (see our full integration list here).
Route security vulnerabilities along with functional defects with Orchestron's integration with defect tracking platforms. Get enhanced correlation (beyond just CWE) and vulnerability management across any DAST, SAST, and SCA tools with the Orchestron Risk Language (ORL)


Orchestron enables engineering and security teams to realise the potential of Application Security within release cycles

Maximise application security testing across build cycles with Orchestron's facilitated integration with Continuous Integration (CI) platforms. Enhance depth and coverage of DAST scans through Orchestron's parameterised scanning capabilities


Orchestron For Security Teams

  • Its ability to orchestrate running of DAST tools across various stages of development (Dev/Staging/UAT) enables security teams to eliminate manual processes and gain greater control of security assessments.
  • The Orchestron Risk Language (ORL), provides detailed information on impact analysis, affected instances and recommendations for remediation.
  • Orchestron facilitates security teams to run parameterised scans on applications thereby increasing the context and depth of scans.
  • Provides comparison between scan tools for an application, thereby giving compatibility and the quality of scanned results of a particular tool for a specific application.
  • Automatically grades vulnerabilities based on industry metrics such as the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Orchestron For Engineering Teams

  • Integration and 2-way sync with defect tracking platforms such as JIRA, allow teams to raise defect tickets, thereby, increasing visibility on open vulnerabilities across product’s build timeline enabling monitoring of open/closed status of issues.
  • Consolidates key metrics such as CWE score and open/closed status of vulnerabilities across DAST, SAST and SCA tools on a single correlated dashboard
  • Remediation advisory with code snippets representing good/bad code examples and actionable recommendations on fixes are outlined to ensure faster closure of vulnerabilities.
  • Integrates with QA iterations which allows the team to perform an in-depth scan, wherein no part of the application is left unscanned.