Manage vulnerabilities

Better, Smarter!

Automate scan result correlation and false positive management to increase efficiency of your application security program. Save critical resource bandwidth for tasks that matter the most.

Better & smarter vulnerability management

How it works?

How Orchestron works

Import scan results from commercial/open source SAST, DAST, IAST and SCA tools.

Orchestron automatically consolidates these results from multiple tools or manual findings into a single set of actionable data.

Implement a risk based vulnerability resolution model and keep critical business assets secure.

Key Benefits

Holistic Insight

Keep tabs on your overall application security health with quantitative dashboard metrics and advanced analytics.

Automatic Correlation

Save on critical security engineering bandwidth of up to 40% by automating tasks such as result consolidation, prioritisation and false positive management.

Greater Speed & Accuracy

Increase speed and accuracy of vulnerability remediation through bug tracker integrations and good / bad code snippets.

Support for Custom Tools

Push scan results from custom-built tools and non-standard platforms to Orchestron through custom JSON.

Parameterised DAST

Re-use functional automation scripts to add context to your Dynamic Application Security Testing(DAST)

ORL Advantage

Enhanced correlation, remediation assistance and much more are made possible with Orchestron Risk Language(ORL)

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