For Security Professionals

Enhanced security begins with better vulnerability management. Make your application security efficient with automatic correlation and prioritization of vulnerability data.


Save Time on Result Correlation

Security teams today spend more time making sense of security reports than they do generating them. Manual triaging of vulnerability data thrown out by frequent runs of multiple testing tools is extremely inefficient and time-consuming. 

Orchestron automatically consolidates vulnerabilities across multiple security tools thereby reducing time spent by security practitioners on manual triaging of vulnerabilities.

Remove Clutter of False Positives

Security tool results are often replete with false positives. Manually evaluating the veracity of potential vulnerabilities and their subsequent management is especially challenging and can often result in human errors. 

Generate action ready consolidated security reports that are void of false positives with Orchestron. Further, ‘Hard’ mark vulnerabilities as false positives, to keep them from resurfacing in subsequent tests.

Create bandwidth for in-depth assessments

Security Assessments often compromise on depth in favor of breadth owing to time constraints. In the case of applications that have multiple data flows and potential logic flaws, which can only be discovered by detailed manual inspection, this can be especially perilous.

With Orchestron optimizing vulnerability correlation and false positive management, security engineers can focus their efforts on tasks that require their focused skills.

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