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Release Secure applications

Organizations can lose credibility and customers when high-risk vulnerabilities are left open for exploitation. Most security breaches stem from vulnerabilities with well-known fixes. This is a by-product of inefficient usage of critical security resources. Security risks find their way into production when security teams don’t have enough time to perform in-depth assessments. Automatic correlation of scanned tool results greatly reduces the time spent by security professionals on manual triaging of vulnerability data thereby enabling to add the necessary focus, coverage, and depth to their assessments.

Further, Orchestron gives you a consolidated and prioritized list of vulnerabilities that are ready to be actioned on. This ensures that the vulnerabilities that leave the application open to exploits are fixed first and a secure application is released.

Retain the best of your Resources

Application Security professionals are a rare breed in the human capital market across geographies. Organizations are losing difficult-to-replace application security practitioners who are heavily demotivated and mentally drained when most of their time is spent in clerical activities rather than applying their skills in unearthing deeper security flaws. Valuable resources are wasted and project timelines are delayed when no sufficient vulnerability remediation guideline is available, causing a lot of unnecessary back and forth between engineering and security resources.

Retain valuable, hard to find security practitioners and increase their work environment satisfaction by removing the clerical task of manually correlating vulnerabilities and allowing them more time and bandwidth to focus on tasks more relevant to their skill sets. Reduce common friction between security practitioners and developers by leveraging Orchestron’s ability to sync with defect trackers used by developers, enabling them to view and fix vulnerabilities faster.

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