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Shift focus from postmortem security fixes to secure product development. Spend more time on product innovation and avoid grappling with voluminous security reports.


Get Enhanced Visibility of Security Defects

Usage of multiple tools and platforms across teams forces developers to continuously work with platforms that are outside their own environments. Functional defects are monitored on platforms like JIRA, but security defects are mostly contained within out-of-band channels like flat files(PDFs or DOC reports), thus making tracking and actioning on them an operational muddle.

With Orchestron’s defect tracking integration, development teams are able to view and manage both functional and security defects in a single platform. Thereby, establishing two-way sync between defect tracking tools and Orchestron, allowing both security and engineering teams to monitor the status of open/closed vulnerabilities.

Reduce Delay in Release Timelines

While the agile method has definitely led to faster product development, it hasn’t been able to ensure faster releases. This is because a large number of security issues remain unresolved within estimated timeframes. With Orchestron, you can assimilate security to your agile method, implement a risk-based vulnerability resolution model to fix the high priority security issues early in the product life-cycle. Thereby, maintaining a faster release cycle, while delivering a more secure product. 

Further, Orchestron’s integration with CI tools, such as Jenkins, gives your engineering and QA team the ability to merge multiple scripts into one workflow and automatically run scheduled scans before and after every build.

Fix Faster and Better

As a result of having to work with multiple reports comprised of uncorrelated and non-prioritised data, developers spend most of their time fixing low-risk vulnerabilities. Additionally, more often than not, they do not have references or guidelines to remediate certain classes of vulnerabilities. This becomes more complicated if the only help they have for remediation is language agnostic generic solutions from security tools.

With Orchestron, developers can quickly remediate security defects within an application when they have access to correlated risk-based vulnerability reports, giving them more time to focus on their primary role of developing applications on schedule. Additionally, they can leverage good/bad code snippets for every class of vulnerability. This in turn not only helps them mitigate vulnerabilities efficiently but in the process, also gather valuable proactive secure coding skills.

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