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Orchestron is an Application Vulnerability Correlation and Test Orchestration platform, that allows engineering and security teams to effectively manage security vulnerabilities. Designed and built by a team of application security experts at we45, Orchestron aims at maximising the impact of security testing within product releases.

Orchestron automatically consolidates and correlates scan results from widely used DAST/SAST/SCA tools* on a single dashboard. It’s integration with Continuous Integration (CI)  and Defect Tracking tools help in early identification and higher visibility of vulnerabilities. Product engineering teams can realize increased productivity by eliminating the clutter resulting from running multiple tools for every test iteration.*The licences for the commercial tools shall be purchased, owned and managed by the customer as per individual license agreements.

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we45 - The Driving Force Behind Orchestron

About we45


we45 is one of the world’s leading firms in application security. With over 3000 assessments in its arsenal, we45 engages with product and security engineering teams in building a measurable and scalable secure software development ecosystem.

we45 prides itself being one of the pioneers in devising a measurable and iterative DevSecOps framework that enable product engineering teams to seamlessly integrate security as part of their software development and deployment life-cycle.

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