Make Application Security Efficient

Early discovery and remediation of security vulnerabilities help maintain a healthy security posture.

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What's going wrong  today?

Product teams are flooded with scan reports that invariably turn into a giant work backlog. This happens because of the adoption of partial automation where the discovery of security issues is automated but their remediation remains manual.


A big chunk of time is lost in manual consolidation of scan


Scanned results are replete with too many false positives


Lack of assistance for remediation of vulnerabilities

What's keeping Sec away from DevOps?

The absence of a robust vulnerability management program could result in inefficient use of critical time and resources leading to a loss in productivity and delay in product release timelines.

Automatic Vulnerability Correlation | A Necessity

Integrating your application security test iterations with Orchestron will help product teams achieve :


Identify and remediate vulnerabilities during development


Higher visibility and faster closure of security issues


Reduced testing time per release cycle

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