Key Areas of Benefit

Conduct the whole orchestra from a single, seamless pane of glass

  • Save Time Organising Vulnerabilities

    Orchestron automatically aggregates and correlates results from all your vulnerability scan tools.

  • See How Your Application is Improving

    Compare vulnerabilities across time periods, multiple apps and categories to see how effective your remediation is.

  • Superior Insight with Powerful Metadata

    Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) is a massive vulnerability database, offering metadata like you’ve never seen.

  • Discover Underlying Flaws in Your Apps

    By analysing the various data points, find hidden flaws in your architecture and development methodology.

  • Resolve Urgent Vulnerabilities First

    Orchestron manages vulnerabilities based on risk level, so you can remediate high-severity flaws first.

  • One Fix for Multiple Vulnerabilities

    All your scan results are grouped by CWE, category, etc. Resolve multiple similar vulnerabilities in one shot.

  • Enhanced Visibility of Security Defects

    Orchestron’s defect tracking integration lets both security and engineering teams monitor the status of vulnerabilities.

  • Meet Deadlines Faster

    When security and engineering teams work together on one platform, it makes the pipeline flow buttery smooth.

  • Fewer Delays, Faster Timelines

    Leverage automation to reduce the delay between each deployment and ease the pressure on your engineering team.

  • Release Secure Applications

    Orchestron prioritises urgent vulnerabilities first so you can release much more secure apps without compromising on deadlines.

  • Make Smarter Decisions

    Orchestron helps you get the most out of your data. Understand your apps and make better, more informed decisions.

  • Retain Your Best Resources

    An optimised work environment will motivate your security practitioners to perform consistently and produce results.


Compatible with a myriad of tools and platforms for seamless vulnerability management


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