Key Areas of Benefit

Conduct the whole orchestra from a single, seamless pane of glass

  • Save Time with Automated Aggregation & Correlation

    Orchestron collects scan results from all your tools, de-duplicates them, and categorises them by CWE and vulnerability type. All done automatically.

  • Get Superior Insight with Powerful Metadata

    Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) is a massive library of vulnerability data from certified sources. Get extra metadata, code suggestions and more.

  • Fix Urgent Vulnerabilities First

    Orchestron categorises vulnerabilities by how exploitable they are, so you always know which ones to start fixing first.

  • Compare Data Across Applications

    Orchestron lets you compare vulnerabilities across multiple applications and date ranges to see how they change over time and between apps.


Compatible with a myriad of tools and platforms for seamless vulnerability management

Burp Suite

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